Complete Agile Scrum Master Course / Certification

What you'll learn


No external knowledge, software, or material will be necessary, because they will all be provided in the course.


An opportunity that is right there, waiting for you to grab, is becoming a Scrum Master!

Check out some data that shows that becoming a Scrum Master is a great opportunity for you:

  • Glassdoor includes Scrum Master in its list of highest-paying jobs, with an average of $97,000+, per year.

  • A study performed by Scrum. org in 2019 showed that the average salary of a Scrum Master is $98,000+, ranging up to $150,000+, per year.

  • LinkedIn included Scrum Master in its 2019 Most Promising Jobs list.

However, what does Scrum Master mean?

Scrum Master is a Scrum accountability. Scrum is an agile framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products.

If you already know about Scrum Master and Scrum, great! You might be some steps closer to the goal of laying a job as a Scrum Master!

If you don’t, great too! Just by being here, you are already moving in the right direction!

In both cases, one factor that has been demonstrated to highly influence your chances of getting hired as a Scrum Master, and getting paid higher, is getting certified!

There are many certifications available, but the best cost-benefit for you is, unquestionably, getting the Professional Scrum Master level 1, by Scrum. org!

However, it costs $150 per attempt, which is not cheap.

Therefore, a smart move is to make a small investment in this course.


  • People who want to become a certified Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
  • People who want to learn and master Scrum
  • People who want to refresh and polish their knowledge of Scrum
  • People who want to get hired as a Scrum Master

PRICE: $750.00 CAD